Leading Organisations:
Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

  MCCI is one of the oldest chambers of Turkey, which was established in 1886 to protect the interests of the merchants and businesses in the city, and also one of the leading dynamics with its worldwide vision of the city. Chambers in Turkey are semi- public organizations with compulsory membership of firms; they are established and managed by laws and all are a part of a wider network called The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey. Today, MCCI’s wide range of services, support and opportunities are designed to keep its members ahead of the competition. There are 44 professional committees which are linked to the board of directors. MCCI has over 21000 members, which about 12.000 of it is being active from service, trade and industry business environment, all of which benefit from the world class services of the chamber such as trainings, trade missions, representation and networking.

  MCCI also has international & national associations’ memberships to increase the members’ competitiveness on both national and international markets. Besides, Business Experts of MCCI work on developing innovative, collaborative, comprehensive and not only local, national, but also worldwide projects.

Mersin Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone:

  MTOIZ was established in 1992 with the purpose of sustaining the industrial development of the Mersin region. The most important characteristics of MTOIZ are its logistics advantages. Mersin’s transportation network including airways, highways, railways, and seaways serves the zone with one of Turkey’s largest port and free zone, all which provide great advantages to the industrialists, therefore enrich the present sectoral dispersion of the zone. The Industrial Zone is able to provide the necessary space fully equipped with natural gas, electric, water, a good working sewage system as well as waste disposal along with an abundance of labor force.

  The sectoral distributions of the zone examined majority of the firms which are on production are; Fabricated Metal Products, Machinery and Equipment with 39 firms; Chemicals and Chemical, Petroleum, Coal, Rubber and Plastic with 26; Food, Beverage and Tobacco with 21. There are a total of 136 firms which 110 of them are in operation. Presently; MTOIZ is able to accommodate 6000 people. With the Expansion Zone Therefore, 43 additional industry parcels have been developed and available for the industrialists.

Mersin Free Zone:

  Mersin Free Zone, the first of Turkey with its own port located next to Mersin International Port, was established in 1986 which has warehouses, shops, assembly-disassembly, maintenance and engineering workshops, banking and insurance, packing-repacking, labeling and exhibition facilities. 50% of the companies in the zone are mainly involved with trade, 27% with leasing-storage, 20% with manufacturing, 1% with banking-insurance, and %2 with other sectors.

  The region is an investment center for foreigners thanks to its vicinity to big international markets such as the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia and former Soviet Republics. According to 2010 figures, the zone has 2.2 billion USD trade volume and a Total Gross Area of 836.322 sq.m, Net Parcel and Total Leased Area of 570.365sq.m. Total of 553 tenants operate in the zone with which a total of 40 are foreign and 71 are joint-venture companies. 32% of the trade volume is in agriculture and the rest is in industry sector. In addition to this, about 6.200 people work in the zone.

Mersin Technology Development Zone:

   Technoscope is located both in the university & industry zone, was established in 2006 in order to use the research-development (R&D) studies carried out by the university, industry and other institutions to develop new technologies and transfer them into the industrial production that will contribute to the competitive position of Mersin in both national and international levels.

   Technoscope aims to support innovative ideas & technology development in regional and national scale to compete in global area and to be a focus in country development by enhancing regional R&D practices. Therefore, it provides quality business environment with accommodation alternatives such as office leasing, construction of building and model unit construction area, to welcome technology-lead companies and entrepreneurs to create synergy in technology development. The success of Technoscope is occurred with companies which are specialized on software, renewable energy, food, virtual engineering, medical, automotive, electronics, mechatronics, and etc. Presently, 34 firms are operating in Technoscope, intensively in software, design, machinery, medicine and consulting sectors.


   R&D, HIGHER EDUCATION: In Mersin there are three universities; one is public (Mersin University), and the others are private (Çag University & Toros University). There is another public university (Çukurova University) serving in the region which is located in the city of Adana, 60km away from Mersin. There are also faculties of others located in the region, which are Middle East Technical University - Sea Science Institute in Erdemli and Selçuk University - Vocational School in Silifke. Besides, other governmental organisations such as Land and Water Resources Research Institute and Alata Horticultural Research Institute support the R&D capacity of the region as well.

   Mersin University was founded in 1992. With its growing inner dynamics, high quality of education and renewing strategy, it has become one of the well-known universities of Turkey. Mersin University with its 11 faculties, 8 schools, 12 vocational schools, 3 institutes and 19 research centers aims to fulfill the needs and expectations of the society by providing high discipline and academic quality. The university has been contributing to the growth of the new generation with its distinguished academicians and modern education. The university has broadened its current academic staff to about 1.400 academicians, and enrolls 26.464 students.
Mersin University

   Çağ University is a foundation university, non-profit institution founded by the Baybogan Education Foundation in 1997.The mission of Çag University is to be a leader in education through innovation, teaching, research and service to the community with the aim of providing modern education of a global standard. The university currently has 130 academicians, and 2.321 students enrolled.
Çağ University

   Toros University is established by Mersin Education Foundation in 2009. Toros University aims to be an internationally recognized university contributing to the design of the future with its strong academic staff and educational programs. Toros University aims to have graduates in areas and professions in demand in the modern society both in the local and the international job market with its academic staff of 23 and 75 students as yet.
Toros University